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Ich versichere, dass jedes Werk, das ich auf dieser HP veröffentliche, von mir geschaffen wurde, es sei denn, es steht explizit geschrieben, dass es nicht von mir stammt. Wer eines meiner Werke für eigene Zwecke verwenden will, hat aufgrund des Urheberrechts die Pflicht mich danach um Erlaubnis zu fragen. Andernfalls folgen strafrechtliche Konsequenzen. Carsten Dietzel

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After the battle - Visiting a new friend

The battle was over, we were the winners. In honour of the occasion we went to our headquarters and drank a lot of our wine. It was a great pity, that we weren’t allowed to drink wine from your comrade’s land, because southern wine is better than ours, but order is order, we can’t consume anything, what is from the South.
While we were celebrating the big party, one of my comrades went to me and under the influence of alcohol, he said laughing: „Hey, friend! Our commander wants you to visit somebody in prison. He says, you knew, what he meant!“ He turned round and went to another of his comrades.
I didn’t really know, what he meant, because the alcohol had ruffled my mind, too. My brain wasn’t able to form any sense in this words anymore. So I didn’t keep on thinking of searching this sense, but I kept on drinking bad northern wine, which was responsible for the headache I had the next day – the others also had this kind of headache.

The battle had started! I was ready to fight against your troups. So we went on the battle field. A big red group of your men went towards our blue group. In this moment we saw the group, we already begun shooting at all of you. We got nearer to you, many shots sounded over the whole battle field. Some of us fell to the ground. Some of you fell to the battle field’s ground, too. Just one minute had passed, but I thought we fought for much hours. Suddenly did I see a person I knew – it was you, red friend! You also seemed to be very surprised, when you saw my face...

I woke up in the commander’s house, which was besides used as jail for southern prisoners. My headache was very strong, everything rotated in front of my eyes. The commander sat opposite me, and looked at me exceedingly seriously: „You know, for which reason I have sent to you, don’t you?“
„No, I don’t.“ I had already wondered, why I woke up in the commander’s house, but this question had just been answered by the commander.
„The day before yesterday I talked with you about your special ‚friend‘, one of the Southerners. Actually you aren’t allowed to talk with the enemy again, but for a special reason I’ll tell you later you can now talk with your friend.“ Although I didn’t know what the reason for the allowing could be, I knew who the ‚special friend‘ was my commander talked about – it was you, red friend!

We met on the battle field, and we both were surprised. My shotgun fell to the ground, like the other soldiers fighting against their enemies. I still remember your big shocked eyes when you saw me.
„This isn’t possible! This can’t be true!“, you stuttered. You were that feared, that you dropped your weapon – the same shotgun our groups were using, too – on the blood covered ground of the battle field.
It was possible, otherwise we wouldn’t have met, nevertheless it was actually impossible, that I was confronted with you a second time! This moment couldn’t I realize, what happened around us. I think, you felt the same. I didn’t say anything.
Scarcely had you stuttered a few words, a shot hit you. You fell to the ground...

I was lead in your cell, and saw you sitting on a wooden bench fettered hand and foot. You looked up and stared at me. „Please sit down, Bluebelly!“
Being silent I sat down on the bench. I pulled some of your tobacco out of my uniform’s pocket, then I rolled a cigarette.
„Would you like to know the truth about everything?“, you asked smiling. „But the truth is really hard, you should know that.“
„Yes, I know. Please tell me!“
„I didn’t want to shoot at you, I was forced by my commander to do this. I really didn’t want to shoot you, believe me! He watched our threat!“ You said these words with a hint of panic.
I set the cigarette I’d rolled on my lips and took a big drag.

I didn’t know where to go on the battle field. Having lost you I was loosing my concentration, too. I even didn’t know, where I was, blue or red side, suddenly did these colors both look the same. Now was I on my side or the enemy’s side? It was right, what was said long time before. ‚All men are created equal.‘
Not knowing where I was, I felt a bullet entering my leg. I screamed up loudly. Then another bullet hit my arm. I lost consciousness.

„I believe you.“, I said to you clearly.
„Thanks, Bluebelly!“, you said to me in a submissive sounding voice, „My commander said to me, he would kill me after the battle. But now he can’t kill me, I’ll keep on living. There seems to be a god!“
„Was the coffee good I’ve given you?“, I asked you. I remembered the threat our commanders had been watching.
„Oh, yes, Bluebelly! It was excellent. I had never drunk much better coffee than yours.“, you said enthusiasticly.
Then we talked about the sense of war, then about the sense of live, then about the sense of friendship...

I woke up on the battle field, we had won. The enemies, which had not died, were taken prisoner. I didn’t see you anywere. You didn’t lie on the ground shot down. So I knew, that you were arrested.
I didn’t think of visiting you in jail, because we immediately went to a tavern and drank so much whiskey, that I even forgot, that I had been hit by two bullets – one hit my leg, one hit my left arm.

I left your cell and went back to the commander’s office. A waiter of the prison went in your cell with a pistol. Few seconds later I heard a shot in the cell. It seemed, that he has shot you – really did he shoot you!
In the office, my commander waited for me with a pistol in his hand. „Sit down!“, he said.
I sat down.
„Do you know, why you were allowed to talk with one of the enemies?“, he asked me aiming the pistol at me.
„I don’t.“, I answered. I was in big fear.
„So I will say, why! The matter is this: you traded with an enemy, so you are a traiter. Traiters are our enemies, too. For this reason you were allowed to talk with one of them.“
„I see.“
„And you know, what happens to enemies? Your friend had got the same fortune you have, too.“
Now I have heard these words! I know, what happens to enemies – they die! I see the pistol in the commander’s right hand. We shouldn’t have met anytime. If we hadn’t met at the river, we wouln’t have to die now. But no I can’t change the fortune.
The moment, in which I’ll see the the flash of the muzzle, I’ll meet you the next time. We’ll meet in a place where no river can try to stop our friendship. The only river is the Jordan, which separates this life and the next world.
The flash of the muzzle appears...
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Andrea14m / Website (20.4.06 17:34)
was heisst "scarcely" und "muzzle"??? O_O?
naja...du kannst soooo gut English Carsten *_________________*
wow wow wow *----------------*b
naja da gabs paar Wörter die mir komisch schienen,aber kA mehr welche die waren xD"
naja jdf...ich mochte das *_* ganz schön traurig jedoch .__."
*dich umknuffel*

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